Association of Malaysian Environment-Behaviour Researchers 

Deddy Kurniawan Halim

Keynote Speaker’s Biodata Dr. Ir. Deddy Kurniawan Halim, MM., Ph.D (GP) Dr. Ir. Deddy Kurniawan Halim, MM., Ph.D (GP) a.k.a. DK Halim was born in Jakarta in 1970. Completed Bachelor of Architecture at Tarumanagara University (UNTAR) Jakarta as the best graduate in 1993 with a scholarship during his studies, received a Master of Management in […]

AQoL2023Bali Programme

AQoL2023Bali Programme Published: 18 Jun 2023Updated:  21 Jul 2023 Bali Time (Same as Malaysian Time) Sat, 30 Sep 202307:00 ZOOM Link to be emailed07:45 Participants to be admitted08:00 Virtual Presentation 110:00 Virtual Keynote Speaker 1 :Emer. Prof. Dr. Robert W. MaransResearch Professor, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, Michigan, United States of America11:00  Virtual […]