Established 2012

Association of Malaysian Environment-Behaviour Researchers


delete this 

Talk about amber and its membership

lists what membership benefits and perks

why membership? what’s in it to me? what’s in it to my surroundings? why is this membership important in the short term, and in the long term?

amer charter told me that members will have to be voted to get in? may I suggest two tier membership? having the basic members, and having a fellowship? I think in order to get your organisation charter a reality, you need more researchers and their ongoing projects and expertise.

not sure how problematic this was but there is another way for membership, and its like a subscription. only we might need to ditch the membership ID. and use their email instead, which gives the membership better functions such as reminder email for renewals, yearly renewal (so it could be the same date as they join (so better automations) because atm if they join in October will their membership run out in January ?

Updated : 29th August 2023

AMER Membership List 2023
(Updated: 20230205)

Fees Payable For New Application (Open to non-Malaysian)

(Please make payment for both Entrance Fees and Annual Fees)
Entrance Fees (one-off):-
Student: RM50.00
Non-student: RM100.00
Annual Fees:-
Student: RM50.00
Non-student: RM100.00

For Current Members
Please renew your membership annually before 31 January
Annual Fees:-
Student: RM50.00
Non-student: RM100.00
Note: Membership which had elapsed for more than 1 year is required to apply as New Applicant.

Bank Details for Membership Payments
Name of Account: Persatuan Penyelidik
Account No: 564838440237
Name of Bank: Maybank
Swift Code (for international transaction): MBBEMYKL
Branch Address: Maybank Bandar Kinrara


Alternative payment

Please select the type of membership below