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AQoL2023Bali Programme

AQoL2023Bali Programme Published: 18 Jun 2023Updated:  21 Jul 2023 Bali Time (Same as Malaysian Time) Sat, 30 Sep 202307:00 ZOOM Link to be emailed07:45 Participants to be admitted08:00 Virtual Presentation 110:00 Virtual Keynote Speaker 1 :Emer. Prof. Dr. Robert W. MaransResearch Professor, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, Michigan, United States of America11:00  Virtual […]


2023AQoLBali WELCOME TO Our 43rd international conference, the hybrid WoS-indexed AQoL2023Bali (07th Asia-Pacific International Conference on Quality of Life) Organiser In collaboration with Co – Host Managed by PLUS Special Guest Speakers Keynote Speaker (Virtual) Emer. Prof. Dr. Robert W. Marans  Research Professor, Institute for Social Research, Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning , University of […]